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Child Safety


Make it Safe

Window blind cords and chains can pose a risk for babies; children and vulnerable people who could injure of even strangle themselves on the hanging looped cords. As members of the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) we fully support the BBSA's make it safe campaign. We will supply and install safety devices or offer alternative operating methods where children or vulnerable people may be present, to significantly reduce the risks of strangulation.

The BBSA's recommendations to parents and carers are:

- Do not place a child's cot, bed, playpen or high chair
  near a window so they may reach a blind cord

- Do not place furniture near a window that a child
  could climb on to reach a blind cord

- Do make sure that a safety device is fitted to keep
  the cords taut or out of reach


Parents and carers are reminded that:

“Complete elimination of the strangulation risk can only be achieved by keeping cords, chains, and tapes and similar out of the reach of children. Use of additional safety devices may reduce the risk of strangulation but cannot be considered foolproof. Motorisation eliminates the risk associated with looped and pull-cord operating mechanisms but the risk relating to inner tapes and cords (for relevant products) remains. Persons in charge of children are ultimately responsible for following the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.”

EN 13120 – Internal Blinds Performance requirements including Safety.

Please note that we can also supply retrofit safety devices to existing blinds – don’t take a chance, Make it Safe!

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