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Guthrie Douglas


Guthrie Douglas have been innovators in the field of building automation products since 1981. Makers of TESS Automated Solar Shading Systems.

Why automated solar shading?

Modern commercial buildings, shopping centres, airports, call centres etc. feature large glazed atria and glass openings, both vertical and horizontal. Whilst this makes for attractive, airy modern buildings, it brings with it problems associated with solar glare and heat gain which need to be addressed so that the building remains as comfortable and appealing to work in or pass through as it is to look at.

It is easy to overlook this consideration, but fortunately the solution provided by Guthrie Douglas is practical, versatile, cost effective, easy to install and maintain and user friendly. When the systems are placed inside, the heat absorbed by the fabric is added to the heat transmitted, whereas with an external system the heat is conducted away by natural ventilation. The choice of fabric influences the efficiency of the system but an external system can achieve efficiency levels of up to 80%.compared with 40% for an internal system.

  • Counters the greenhouse effect in glass buildings
  • Allows full use of solar gain when required
  • Maximises the use of natural daylight
  • Reduces electric light consumption
  • Significantly reduces air conditioning costs
  • Enables employees to work in comfort
  • Controls glare on visual display screens
  • Perfectly compliments modern commercial buildings
Wide ranges of different fabrics are available according to the solar transmittance required.

Guthrie Douglas solar shades offer:

  • Fully automated retractable shading systems
  • Suitable for both internal and external use
  • Systems that deploy in any direction
  • For façades, atria, skylights & roof glazing
  • ISO9001; 2000 accredited systems
  • Innovative radio controlled systems
  • PC based sun position controlled systems