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The very pinnacle of contemporary style, interior shutters are today's iconic interior design feature. There is simply no better technique for window dressing to suit the modern passion for clean, bright interiors.

And shutters are versatile too, suiting all kinds of design motifs. Different material, mouldings, shapes and colours allow shutters to become

practical and integral design statements, whatever your theme and whatever room you are working in.

Tall rooms in Georgian or Edwardian homes look absolutely stunning when dressed with pale wooden shutters. Cottages with period features are enormously enhanced both by the shutters themselves, but also by the easy way in which


shutters allow you to adjust the ambience by giving you almost infinite control of the natural light in a room.

Rooms in modern homes can be dressed up or down according to your design preferences. Choose light wood or white vinyl to enhance that very modern atmosphere, or go darker to build romantic, cosier settings.

Shutters are also the most practical window dressing for so many rooms; bathrooms kitchens, and family rooms.

Best of all, shutters are no longer the preserve of the wealthy. Our prices really do make shutters available to everyone, and when you explore the value of shutters in the longer term, these beautiful shutters also make a great deal of sense.


All ShutterCraft products are manufactured to exacting standards, using only the finest raw materials and polymers. We are able to supply them in a huge variety of colours, finishes and to an almost endless array of specifications.

Unlike curtains, blinds or voiles, shutters can be engineered to perfectly fit almost any shape of window, arches, portholes, patio doors, French windows, corner apertures; windows of every shape and size. They can be manufactured to the full window height or mounted tier-on-tier to create frames within frames. Or, with particularly tall windows, or windows surmounted with stained glass panes, choose café style to leave the uppermost glazing exposed.

In short, shutters are, in many instances, the most versatile as well as being the most attractive option.



Ideal for ground level windows requiring a degree of privacy. Usually fitted to line up with a horiszontal glazing bar, they offer the ability to temper light and privacy according to mood and time of day.

Tier on Tier

Tier on tier

Tier on tier enables a virtually total exclusion of light and total privacy at night. Precision made to the millimetre, they can be designed to line up with horizontal as well as vertical glazing bars.

Full height

Full height

Our most popular shutter offers endless variations including different blade widths, single or multiple control rods, or custom design. ShutterCraft distributors are fully trained to advise on the best solution for each individual window.



Our unique profiled frames perfectly finish every installation. Most deliver battens that must be cut and hinged on site. We manufacture, mitre and hinge profiles in the factory for better results and less time and mess in your home.


Our shutters and frames are manufactured in a variety of top quality materials, carefully selected to ensure stability, to give a high quality finish and to maximise the product's longevity.

We engineer our shutters with the grain of the timber or substrate reversed - this allows the frame to be truly balanced, and avoids the warping or distortion which may be

found in shutters manufactured with 'through and through' solid sections.

Also, our timber is kiln-dried prior to manufacture to a precise hydroscopic content, which is dictated by the climatic conditions that prevail in its intended geographical destination and the final finish that has been selected. This careful planning preparation of

materials offers us the most efficient and environmentally responsible use of resources.

Finally, and to ensure that ShutterCraft products remain maintenance-free and give a lifetime's satisfaction, we apply no less than five coats of stain or paint to the shutters, before the finished product is carefully shipped to your home.

Hand finished to order  

Each and every ShutterCraft component is hand finished to order and quality checked by craftmen prior to assembly in our state-of-the-art production unit. This attention to detail continues when we arrive to fit your new shutters in your home. You will be assured of top-notch quality, a superb and clean installation and the satisfaction of knowing the care and attention that has gone into the manufacture of your shutters.

5 Year Guarantee



Solid raised panels

47mm stained fan top








ShutterCraft always use Basswood (a sustainable hardwood) because of its stability, regular colouring and superior quality over other woods.


Shutter colours
1. Limed White
2. Natural
3. Honey 4. Golden Oak
5. Pecan
6. Light Oak 7. Dark Teak
8. Cherry
9. Corovan 10. Walnut
11. Mahogany
12. Black Walnut

Stains: The samples are indicative of our stain colours, an exact match is not guaranteed due to the properties of the wood.

Paint: All our painted panels are spray finished to the highest standard to obtain a hard flat finish. We are able to utilise BS (British Standard) numbers or Dulux colours. Due to the properties of the paint we can't guarrantee an exact match to paint available to the retail market.

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