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Solutions for blinds


and take control....

Create comfortable environments with delicately filtered light. Match your blinds to your interior designs - adding texture, colour and style.

Choose to have your blinds powered by a Somfy motor and you can raise and lower your blinds and pre-set them to adopt the ideal position, effortlessly, at the touch of a button.

If you choose full automation your blinds can provide you with protection all day long - and protect your home even while you're out.

download the "Solutions for blinds" brochure here in pdf


Solutions for roller shutters

...a house that secures itself automatically!

Most people fit roller shutters to feel safe at night, to keep in the heat and save money through insulation, for softly lit comfort and dark rooms for undistrubed sleep... But how many think that the shutters need to be manually opened in the morning and closed at night?

This is why motorising roller shutters is not a luxury, but time saved to do something more enjoyable.

Make opening and closing a comfort factor... You can even programme the timer and never think about the shutters again!

download the "Solutions for roller shutter" brochure here in pdf


Glystro - electrically operated curtain tracks

... and take control


Your home is far more than just a place to live. It's your cocoon... and reflects your personality and taste...

Matching your curtains to your interior design, you add texture, colour and style. Choose to have your curtains powered and you are adding another element - beautiful quiet and controlled movement.

If you choose full automation, you can programme your curtains to open and close at pre-set times, providing you with protection all day - even when you are not at home.

download the "Glystro" brochure here in pdf



Solutions for awnings

...and take control

Your terrace, garden, veranda or balcony can be used as extra living space. Read in the shade, tan in controlled conditions or dine outside without getting rained on - all you need is an awning!

Maximum pleasure, minimum effort ...

Lower or raise your awning - and pre-set it to adopt the ideal position, effortlessly, at the touch of a button.

download the "Solutions for awnings" brochure in pdf



Solutions for garage doors & gates


... a single control for your gates, garage door & Lights!

By day and by night, in the rain or wind, imagine the comfort of being able to open and close your garden gates and garage door from inside your car!

Comfort and time saving but also security and safety as you do not block the street and no-one is left standing in the roadway. Additional benefits are that doors can be programmed to close automatically so you don't have to worry about them and lighting which comes on automatically in the garden.

The starting point is quite simply a Somfy motor you can install on every kind of existing door and gate!

download the "Solutions for garage doors and gates" brochure in pdf


Note: theblindco.com can arrange for any type of window covering to be motorised.

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