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Creative spaces

The versatile and contemporary way to control light, glare, view and privacy in both domestic and commercial installations

The panel blind is the new and innovative shading solution for larger windows and patio doors that look fabulous in both contemporary and traditional interior design shcemes.


Sylish room divider

Also stunning as a stylish room divider, the panel blind is available in a diverse range of colourways and designs prevalent to today's busy lifestyle.



Shading for patio doors

What makes the panel blind so unique is the wide panels that reflect and filter daylight so effectively.



Two rooms in one

When open, the panels stack neatly behind one another allowing maximum light into the room. Sliding the panels into the closed position creates a complete fabric screen providing light control and increased privacy.



Transform your room

Available in natural looking fabrics, screens and faux suedes, panel blinds will transofrm the look of any room with its cultured, sophisticated appearance.

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An innovative system for the architectural and interior decorating field. It is a modern solution. Thanks to its refined and trendy design it adds style to your windows and improves comfort. Magritte Frame System is more than a simple frame, it is flexible and easy to assemble. It has a wide range of application possibilities. You can use it as a simple decorative element, drapery, wall covering, sun shielding, protective screen, room divider or stage backdrop. Dimensional stability is guaranteed by the aluminium frame.


Comfort and energy saving: choose the right fabric to preserve environment.

Better soundproof in your rooms with our "Sonar" acoustic fabric.

Create privacy in the rooms.

Furnish your home with style using a refined system.

Optimise spaces, create new environments.

Divider for loft and open spaces.

Room divider for lofts and restaurants.

Room divider: night & day

Solar protection for fitness centre and meeting rooms.


Comfort and energy saving

Furnish your home

Soundproof your rooms

Optimise internal spacess


Frame size: from 150mm x 150mm to 1400 x 3200mm
Frame surface: 4,5mq (max)
Frame weight: 600 ml (without fabric)
Assembled frame section: 47 x 18.5mm
Fabric thickness*: from 0.01mm 10 1.5mm

A patented system with an aluminium frame. It is composed
of two profiles: a base profile and a section with a snap-shut
in which you can use any kind of fabric or material with the
same flexibility (roller fabrics, batique... etc.). The fabric
remains perfectly in tension. It can be fixed with cables on
the ceiling or slide into a 1,2 or 3 way channel rail.

1. Profile set Magritte Frame System
2. Kit for Magritte Frame System
3. PVC Profile
4. 1,2,3 way rails
5. Cam lock
6. Joint for rail