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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit, blinds that can snap-fit into UPVC Windows in less than 30 seconds.



Why Screw things up?

One of the age old curses of installing window blinds to UPVC windows has been the potential damage when fitting with screws. Knowing that the instant the first screw pierces the UPVC surround you have probably invalidated any guarantee issued with the window. How frustrating, when that action could have consigned the warranty to the waste bin.




Perfect Fit resolves this and many other concerns whereby a blind is fitted without the use of screws or adhesives. Perfect Fit is a remarkable innovation, by using a simple snap-fit operation the perfect blind is fitted neatly and without fuss - every time and in less than 30 seconds.

Due to its' unique construction Perfect Fit becomes part of the window. They do not interfere with handles or window ledges and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.



Perfect Fit offers the ideal solution for the long suffering users of UPVC tilt and turn windows as well as supplying a seamless appearance so essential with conservatory windows and doors.







The products available are 15mm and 25mm Aluminium Venetians, plus 25mm Basswood Venetians, all available on the unobtrusive Roulette headrail. The full collection of 20mm Pleated Blinds are also available in both free-hanging and Skylight styles.



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