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The Benthin roller programme includes components for standard Roller Blinds as well as cassettes and fascias that elegantly integrate the blind into the window.

A complete family of Roller Blinds
The Small and Medium Roller systems complement the Large Roller used for heavy duty blinds, which is especially targeted at the commercial sector. A broad range of tube diameters and the control options with chain, cord, crank and motor operation deliver a flexible and versatile Roller Blind system.

Key product features
  • Components for small-scale domestic systems
  • Components for large interior and exterior solutions
  • A large range of high-performance fabrics
  • Production equipment and cutting table tailored to your production size
  • Solutions for all applications (cassette, fascia, spring and cord operated and dim-out)

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    Architectual Roller Blinds

    • Specifically designed for all commercial applications with minimal deflection on oversized blinds
    • Unique endplug with lock system for 100% reliability
    • Universal robust brackets tested to 30kgs pull force
    • Lift assistance springs for ease of operation on large blinds
    • Motorised options including motors with integrated radio receiver
    • 5 year warranty on all hardware

    To download the full operation manual on the SR Series please click here

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    32/36 Decelerator Roller Blind

    • Hook the charging handle into the inner part of the spring and pull out.
    • To increase charge, wind the handle in a clockwise direction. To decrease existing charge, wind the handle in an anti-clockwise direction
    • When desired charge is found, replace inner part of spring and remove handle.
    • If you are not certain spring is stopped at top limit, give spring (flat) pin a quick "twitch" and release. The spring will un-wind to top limit position.
    • Fit blind into brackets with cloth rolled to upper position.
    • To fine adjust top position, squeeze and twist plastic part of fixing bracket.

    Obscura 48mm Roller Blind

    48 mm Obscura Roller Blind

    Obscura general specification sheet - pdf

    Side Control Systems 32, 40, 45


    The Side-Control Roller Blind Systems were developed to provide excellent performance over a wide range of window blind sizes, fabric weights and fabric thickness'. The manufacturing process does not involve the use of adhesives or sewing and always produces a clean and professional finish to the blind.

    The three systems are designed for progressively larger and heavier blinds and the diameters of the sprockets for the control chains increase accordingly to enable larger blinds to be operated with the minimum physical effort. Additionally 'System 32' end sets are available in two versions with differing operating weights. Therefore, each system is offered with a choice of metal or plastic control chain.

    Side-Control roller tubes and bottom bars are designed with patented, longitudinal fabric fixing slots of varying widths. The manufacturing method used ensures that the fabric will remain firmly attached to the roller and will not become detached in normal use. The varying widths of the slots allow fabrics of various thickness' to be accommodated easily. An added benefit of the slots is that they increase the rigidity of the tubes, enabling blinds to span wider openings without risk of the tubes 'whipping' when the blind is operated.

    Our patented, safety-first end cap locking system prevents the blind from coming out of its brackets if the blind is operated incorrectly. These end sets have mounting brackets which are truly 'universal'. They can be top, face or side fixed and can be used for blinds with left hand or right hand control. The ease of instantly switching end sets from one end of the roller to the other is an added benefit; plus the problems of having blinds supplied with the controls on the wrong side - or with the wrong brackets - are overcome.


    Side-Control Systems 32, 40 and 45 are suitable for use in any roller blind installation where reliability, operator ease of use and minimum maintenance requirements are a prerequisite.

    The integrated design features of Side-Control Systems 32, 40 and 45 make them particularly suitable for projects featuring a variety of window sizes used in differing applications.


    Side-Control Roller Blind Systems are made in corrosion resistant plastic, aluminium and optionally powder coated steel and are expected to prevent any problems if used under normal circumstances in non-corrosive environments. The methods of construction minimise damage caused by operator misuse. Any damage which may occur can normally be rectified easily on site.


    • Integrated range of units to suit all applications
    • Patented safety-first end cap locking system
    • Spring loaded plunger for ease of installation
    • Option of metal or plastic operating chain
    • Fully universal fixing bracketry colour keyed to the operating units
    • No sew no glue fabric location method
    • Choice of extruded PVC or aluminium bottom bar
    • Fully detailed performance criteria
    • Ultra smooth operation


    Designed specifically to meet the needs of the increasing number of buildings with larger windows, System 45+ makes light work of raising and lowering larger, heavier roller blinds.
    • High performance roller blind system
    • Competitively priced
    • Larger blinds can be operated more easily with up to 30% reduction in effort required
    • Easy to manufacture with no sew, no glue technology
    • New heavy duty tube option for thicker / heavier fabrics
    • Sleek, stylish and contemporary appearance
    • Can be fitted top, face or side fix


    The double award winning Perfect Fit System is now available in a beautiful golden oak colour thet blends superbly with the modern golden oak uPVC windows.



    Duoflor blinds allow more control over light and privacy...and more choice — with 14 beautiful colour options.


    Commercial Roller Blinds

    Neat and stylish the fascia system really does add the finishing touch to the interior design of any commercial project. This contemporary fascia houses a market leading roller blind system that has a proven track record for reliability and control. Made from extruded aluminium this robust fascia system fits inside or outside the window recess safely and securely. The fascia system utilises the 40+, 45 and 45+ roller blind systems, which together can easily accommodate blinds for a variety of today's commercial premises and carry all of the market's commercial fabrics and screen. Available in white or anodised aluminium the fascia conceals the roller blind mechanisms effectively, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the modern workplace.

    • Available in white or anodised aluminum.
    • Ideal for large commercial installations.
    • Will accommodate heavier fabrics such as screen and blackout.
    • Made to measure and professionally fitted.
    • Improved safety of installation and operation.
    • Face fix or top fix to fit into most window apertures neatly.
    • Market proven robust roller blind system
    • Compliments any interior design scheme.

    Architects, specifiers and installers are increasingly stipulating roller blind systems as their primary product in commercial and municipal projects. In order to meet the challenges of the modern workplace. Systems 40+ and 45+ have been designed as the latest development of the market leading side control roller blind system. The key to their design is the larger sprocket size in the end sets. This enables the system to comfortably carry heavier and larger commercial fabrics. The fabrics are carried on a grooved aluminium tube, which offers both strength and stability to the blind. Both systems can be installed into most window recesses with safety location brackets and with the option of either metal or plastic operation chains, Systems 40+ and 45+ are a winning combination for any design project.



    • Patented safety-first end cap locking system.
    • All components are robust and corrosion resistant for durability.
    • The enlarged sprocket offers a smoother and lighter operation when adjusting the blind.
    • Designed specifically to handle commercial fabrics and screen products.
    • Easy to install.
    • Available with either metal or plastic chain.
    • Double or triple groove aluminium tube for strength and performance.


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