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Roman Blinds

Roman Shades are a decorative statement of style that bring warmth into your home.
Let this collection inspire you!

The Roman Shade collection offers an extensive range of fabrics in different transparencies. The design of the collection offers an extensive range of fabrics in different transparencies. The design of the collection incorporates three core values: structure, design and quality. This has been translated into an exclusive collection with options appropriate to suit every style and budget.


Beautiful fabrics with a fine or more coarse structure - in colours inspired by nature. The fabrics are flexible and add a warm and natural feel to your interior.


Modern, light and transparent fabrics, in a single colour or with a subtle pattern. These fabrics allow a natural incidence of light whilst maintaining sufficient privacy.


A contemporary choice. Variations in stripe width, pattern, transparency and colour make every fabric in this range an inspired choice.


Exclusive fabrics that enhance your interior. The patterns vary from subtle jacquards to striking prints. Superior quality in every aspect.


These wonderfully uncomplicated fabrics in beautiful, stylish colours exude simplicity. They are the foundation of a stylish interior.


A unique fabric quality for the Roman Shades collection: 100% silk! From delicate raw silk with a wonderful, full structure, to soft, shimmering silk with a single colour or striped pattern. This choice of fabric gives your interior a high quality and luxurious feel. Silk fabrics are always lined with a colour coordinated lining fabric and finished with a trim at the bottom.

If you like a modern and uniform look, Roman Shades with stiffeners are the ideal solution. You can select from several designs, with round or flat stiffeners.


The 'Ballina front' design is produced with round aluminium stiffeners that are inserted through tunnels at the front of the fabric. Patterned or striped fabrics are ideal for 'Ballina front' because the pattern of the fabric is continued. The horizontal effect of the stiffeners creates a spacious, modern and uniform style.


Peace and balance are combined in this design. The 'Ballina back' design is fitted with round aluminium stiffeners that are inserted through tunnels at the back of the shade. It is made even more beautiful when you finish the stitch lines with cord piping in an coordinating contrasting colour. This model is particularly effective with single-colour fabrics.


The Linea model is a shade with an exceptionally exclusive design with wide, flat aluminium stiffeners. Separate tunnels made of the same fabric are stitched on the back of the shade. This means that the fabric on the front remains intact, with the stiffeners creating an uncluttered and clean look.


The Visia model comes without stiffeners. Pull cords are guided through small rings at the back of the shade creating a playful, casual look that is especially effective in combination with soft, supple fabrics.


Bandino is an alternative model without stiffeners. A transparent loop strip that guides the pull cords is sewn onto that back of the shade. The effect is a beautiful, nonchalant eyecatcher with a simple, vertical line.


Bandino is ideal for creating a casual interior style.

As an addition to the extensive range of fabrics, the Roman Shades collection gives you the option to give your shade a decorative look with a selection of finishing options.


Cord piping stitched horizontally onto the blind is an option with the 'Ballina back' model. This reinforces the effect of the stiffeners. Depending on the colour combination and the design of the cord piping, you can create subtle or striking horizontal stripe effects. The cord piping is available in different materials including romantic chenille piping and a modern suede look.


A playful image is achieved by finishing the shade with button fastenings. This can be selected on all models with stiffeners in designs with a flounce. This makes it seem as if the flounce has been tied to the shade. The button fastenings remain visible when the shade is pulled up.