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Special Blinds for Special Shapes

Specially shaped windows are a design feature used increasingly in contemporary architecture. Growth in the conservatory industry has also created a boost for special products and new and unusual shapes. The result of more than a decade of development means that almost any shape of window can now be fitted. Even awkward shapes can be elegantly shaded with timber or aluminium blinds.

These special shapes can be provided as retractable or non-retractable blinds. Retractable types have a conventional headrail and operating mechanism. They have a tilt function and, where the shape allows, they will also raise and lower. Non-retractable blinds have a fixed rack-arm system and thus have only a tilt function. Generally, retractable blinds are fitted to vertical windows and non-retractable types are used for horizontal and sloping applications. Almost any shape of blind can be motorised to tilt. Most retractable blinds can also be motorised to raise and lower as well.



All motorised systems can be fitted with automatic controls, which can be solar, time, temperature or (for external installations) wind controlled. Combinations of two or more control types are also possible. Control systems are also used to operate two or more blinds from one point.


For most applications we recommend 50mm slats. Popular shapes which are available include:

  • Angle tops
  • Inverted angles
  • Trapezoids
  • Polygons
  • Pentagons, hexagons and octagons
  • Triangles and triangle tops
  • Arches, half-arches and arch tops
  • Circles and half-circles
  • Cut-outs
  • Bay windows
  • Incline blinds (from 600 to 900 to the horizontal)


Internal blinds are available with 50mm and 90mm slats in aluminium and 50mm in wood. More robust 80mm louvres are available for internal and external applications.

  • Rectangular with cutouts
  • Triangles, arches and circles
  • Curved fronts

It is not possible to show all options on this website. For any size or shape not mentioned here, please contact us and we will be pleased to offer advice and recommendations.





The Sunshield non-retractable louvre blind system has been designed for internal or external installation and is particularly suitable for horizontal, sloping or unusually-shaped glazed areas. The fully-adjustable louvres, made from aluminium or wood, reduce solar heat gain, control glare, allow outward vision yet at the same time ensure best use of natural light. Extruded sections in mill finish, polyester powder coatings or anodised aluminium, plus nylon components, make Sunshield a cost-effective, low-maintenance sunshading method. Blade widths are from 50mm, 80mm and 88mm. They are supplied in a wide range of colours and can be used not only for conservatories and other domestic installations, but also for many commercial applications such as atria in large public buildings. By adding Autoshade controls, Sunshield may be used in museums, art galleries, libraries, botanical gardens and other locations where precise light level control is important.


In many large botanical garden applications, there is a need not only to control light, but also temperature and humidity. The Sunshield 80 and 88 systems enable a number of different environments, such as deserts, tropical or temperate zones to be accurately monitored and controlled in one building.

An extra benefit is the creation of a trapped air layer when the blinds are closed, which helps to reduce overnight heat loss in cold weather.