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Basswood Venetian Blinds

Tough, natural and warm - as only wood can be, our designer range of Woodcraft Timber Blinds are hand built in our own factory, using the durable Classic venetian blind system.

Manufactured from the finest North American Basswood - hard wearing, tight grained wood of superior strength, ecologically approved and able to resist the bowing usually associated with other timber blinds. The Woodcraft slatting is available in 25mm and 50mm slats up to 2.4m wide. The finished blind is complemented with matching timber bottom rail, tassels and a moulded pelmet to cover the colour co-ordinated headrail mechanism.




A stunning range of 12 elegant colours compliments the natual beauty of the wood tones. The timber is processed using the latest equipment to stain, sand, lacquer, de-nib and then finally buffed to a very even satin finish. Select from Larch, Sycamore, Cottonwood, Camphorwood, Jacaranda, Crabwood, Baywood, Cinnamon Red, Cypress Green, Polar White, Ash and Spruce.



Create that individual look by selecting from a choice of over 25 co-ordinating woven ladder tapes for both 25mm and 50mm slat.

All cords are matching and come fitted with a barrel shape toggle as standard, to further enhance the appearnce choose from our extensive range of designer toggles, including Acorn, Pear, Teardrop, Classic and Classic Brass.





Real Wood Venetian Blinds

For the discerning client who aspires to the ultimate in timber blinds, the answer is the Sun Vista Real Wood Collection. Available in a range of attractive colours to compliment the timber selected and covered by a matching moulded timber pelmet, that can be supplied with a rebate for blinds that are to be fitted outside the recess.


Manufactured from the finest of hard woods, every slat is guaranteed as as the genuine timber, with all the inherent beauty and grain variation of the natural product.



Standard Blinds are supplied with co-ordinating high density braided polyester yarn in a ladder formation, which is both functional and unobtrustive. The lift cords come fitted with a barrel shape toggle as standard. That individual look can be created by selecting from a choice of over 25 woven wide ladder tapes, co-ordinating ladder tape of either 38mm or 25mm wide is available for the 50mm slat.



As an attractive option a Victorian style "All-Wood" three bar Head Rail system can create an authentic and natural appearance, this is available in Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Mahogony and Red Cedar, appealing finishes that match the Real Wood slatting.




Wooden Slat Venetian Blinds


Suitable for a modern or contemporary interior each blind is made to measure using only the finest quality timber.



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The wood is meticulously prepared and headreail systems are the best available.


50mm or 25mm slats made from real wood in a range of stained and natural finishes. Timber is kiln dried, sanded, stained, re-sanded, laquered and de nibbed for a high quality stable finish.


All control cords and headrails are colour co-ordinated. A matching pelmet made from the slat of the blind is included.


Blinds can be tilted and raised and lowered manually by separate controls.



Custom finishing. Decorative 19mm or 40mm ladder tape in a range of colours. Mitred and moulded pelmets. Electric or mono control. Logo service.



Made in Paris by Ballauff and first imported into the UK in the early 19th century pinoleum was used extensively by the Victorians in summerhouses. Todays Victorian style conservatories can still be furnished with these authentic blinds which gently filter the light and have excellent solar properties. The natural simplicity of these blinds also make them suitable for contemporary interiors.




Made from veneeers and reeds of real wood woven together to form 7 different natural wood weaves and is available in 4 standard painted finishes and 4 vibrant colour washes.



Solid Ash headrails and bottomrails are supplied natural on natural weaves or coloured to match coloured weaves. Fabric is edged in natural cotton binding in a choice of colours.


Either Roman or Roll Up. Blinds are manually controlled by pull cords and the blind can be stopped in any position by means of a brass cleat. Conservatory blinds operate as Roman and will stop in any position.


Custom colouring service.


The Sun Vista Wood Weave Collection is a distinctive pinoleum style of Roll-up and Roman Blind, both of which hang flat when lowered. The Roll-up blind as the name implies rolls up neatly and can be adjusted by means of a cord lock operation, as can the Roman Blind which folds evenly into 130mm gently staggered pleats. Skylight Wood Weaves can be manufactured to suit most shapes; however, they are only available in a Roman style.




Wood Weave is manufactured when the natural products are woven together, these can be cut into various shapes and sizes, presenting a casual but refined appearance - an enhancement to any room design. Part of this beauty is natural fluctuations in texture and colour that makes each blind unique.



An easily maintained product, Wood Weaves are available from Stevens (Scotland) Limited in 12 attractive designs and have been a stunning alternative in the Sun Vista Natural Timber Collection.