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INTU Venetian and Pleated window blinds  
  Perfect for conservatories, glazed doors and tilt and turn windows
Intu blinds compliment your windows in both design and function, making them the intelligent choice for today's homes. They fit into the window beed, giving you exceptional shading performance.
Intu Venetian blinds offer superior slat closure, to give you excellent shading. Many Intu Pleated blinds have an Advanced Solar Control (ASC) coating on the reverse for highter reflectance of sunlight and heat.
The tension system holds your blind in place, preventing it from rattling against the glass when you open and close your window or door. It also allows you to position your blind to suit you.
An extensive colour palette is available for you to choose from, whether you're looking for a cool matallic, a pretty pastel or a bold colour statement.

The tension system prevents your Intu blind from rattling against the glass when you open and close your window or door. Now you can operate your windows and glazed doors easily without damaging your blinds.

Your blind fits into the window bead to minimise light gaps, giving you exceptional control of solar light and heat.
Neat controls complement the sleek style of your blind and eliminate free-hanging cord loops, making them a safer choice for your home. To raise and lower your blind, simply move the bottomrail to any position.

INTU Venetian Blind - Specification sheet - download in pdf

Fitting instructions - download in pdf


INTU Pleated Blind - Specification sheet - download in pdf

Fitting instructions - download in pdf


Ultra Blind 25mm Venetian Blind System

We manufacture the Ultra Blind 25mm Venetian System using Ultra,
Hunter Douglas and Sani Venetian slatting


Ultra Blinds give you a far more versatile form of daylight control than other types of blind products. They permit diffused, glare-free natural light to beam deep into the room.

The new regulations regarding VDU screens, (E.C. Directive No L156/14[90/270/EEC] and the U.K. Health & Safety [Display Screen Equipment] Regulations 1992) state that provision should be made by the employer to stop glare falling onto VDU's and work stations.

Ultra Blinds are the idea solution to overcome this problem, at the same time, they ensure privacy and they are outstanding in shading coefficiency. Ultra Blinds ability to reflect summer solar radiation and therefore reduce cooling loads on air conditioning equipment can provide a considerable saving

In winter Ultra Blinds thermal transmittance properties are also noteworthy. Horizontal aluminium Blinds effectively reflect heat back into the room and reduce the amount of room-air convection currents that touch the cold glass. This results in reduced heating loads, and the savings can be substantial.


1. Steel Channel Headrail: 25mm x 25mm fabricated from 0.6mm thick phosphate treated steel with rolled edges, with a coat of vinyl primer and a finish coat of polyester baked enamel.

2. Bottomrail: shall be 0.6mm phosphate treated steel, with a coat of vinyl primer and a finish coat of polyester baked enamel. Moulded end plugs shall fit snugly into ends of bottomrail.

3. Slats: shall be cold rolled aluminium, alloyed for maximum strength, flexibility and resistance to internal and external corrosion. Slats shall be nominally 25mm wide. A properly formed contour creates the finished crown. Slat thickness and ladder support distances shall prevent visible sag or bow. Perforated slat is available as an option.

4. Raise/Lower: shall be controlled by colour co-ordinated polyester cords and crash proof cord lock. The blind shall lock upon release of lift cord. Top lock cord available as an option.

5. Size Limitations:
Maximum width: 3000mm
Maximum drop: 3000mm
Maximum area 5.0m/sq.

6. Stacking Height: To calculate the stacking height of 25mm venetian blind the stacking height the following formula is used.

Top-Locking Cord Lock:

This type of cord lock provides for only two blind positions on the window... fully down or fully raised. This feature enhances the exterior appearance of the building because the blinds will be uniformly down in use and can be raised to the top-lock position for window cleaning.

Ring pull or tassels are available for the lift cord. When using the Top-Locking Cord Lock, a short lift cord with a ring pull that can be reached with a pole is suggested for limited access to blind position changes. Slats can be tilted to any angle.

Top-Locking Cord Lock

Ultra Blind Partition Blind System

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Combined with the patented DM500 control knob which restricts the tilt of the blind and thus breakage. The Ultra partition blind provides the perfect compliment to the modern double glazed partition module.

The DM500 control system employs an inti-turn device utilizing a ball race and stop which allows the blind to tilt its full 500° but stops over turning which can result in expensive breakage.

The cable comes in one 2m length which can be easily adjusted on site to suit any of the major partition systems. Control knob is supplied in standard SAA aluminium, but can be sprayed to match any BS or Ral colour upon request.

Operation and Maintenance Manual

Ultra Privacy - A whole new approach

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  • Total privacy
  • No sun spots on work areas or screens
  • Improved room darkening performance for use in AV and VDU areas
  • Improved look, giving a clean and tidy appearance

Ultra Privacy is a domestic and office venetian blind with a no visible design to deliver total privacy, superb room darkening qualities and the elimination of sun spot glare. The design also ensure an immaculate closed finish as cord is prevented from getting trapped between slats.


All Privacy components are manufactured within the Ultra in accordance with strict quality control procedures that guarantee impeccable standards. Slat is made from a special lightweight and durable aluminium alloy, stove enamelled to retain slat colour and brightness with head and bottom rails derived from stove enamelled steel. Cord rollers and tape rolls utilise top quality plastic and steel for reliable, quiet and effortless operation. Cords and tapes are polyester for longevity and colour retention.

The Privacy blind is suitable for free hanging installation and between double glazing panes. Operation is by lift cord and twist want, situated on the left or right of the blind.

Ultra Venetian

Ultra Privacy


  • Slat width: 25mm
  • Bundle height (for 1500mm drop blind):82mm
  • Maximum recommended drop: 2700mm
  • Maximum recommended width: 3500mm
  • Maximum recommended area: 6m sq.

Head and bottom rails, stringtape and cord, and slat for the Privacy are available across the whole Ultra colour range. With slat supplied in any finish, Ultra Privacy can be specified to suit your needs precisely.


The Privacy blind offers excellent solar control, allowing you to regulate incoming sunlight to deliver the exact lighting conditions you require. The Privacy can also aid energy conservation reflecting heat on hot summer days, letting in warmth on sunny winter days and preventing interior heat loss at night.

Ultra Blind Mono Control System

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For corner applications, hard-to-reach applications and designs requiring unobstructed viewing, the Ultra Blind provides unprecendented convenience, a level of design freedom that is exclusively Ultra Blind.

The Ultra Blind Mono System is available in over 120 colours in 25mm and 15mm slat widths.

The Ultra Blind has a unique Mono Control Cord that lifts, lowers and tilts the blind - all with one cord. There's no adjusting to get the right position when raising or lowering the blind. Now it is easy for several adjacent blinds to be at the same height. With the colour co-ordinated control cord on one side, the Ultra Blind has a sleek contemporary look. Because of the unique patented clutch system, the Mono Control Cord stays at the same height - the cord never coils on the floor or windowsill. The lift tape/spool assembly ensures that the bottomrail always remains level.

Iso Design

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Operation and Maintenance Manual

Mono Venetian Blind
25mm Venetian Blind

Slat Selector

Available in 4 slat widths - 50mm, 35mm, 25mm & 15mm - there are a number of different finishes including gloss, satin, matt, shimmer, pearl and perforated.  Below is a selection of the colours available from the complete range.